Foundation and Inspiration Full Galaxy Inc. is a family-operated company that has been in business for over a decade. Its founder, Rene Alvarez, always believed that small businesses needed an advertising agency that could provide a full range of services at reasonable prices. Beyond affordability, Rene wanted an agency that would genuinely help businesses grow. This idea became an inspiration that continues to be the foundation of Full Galaxy.

Growth and Expansion From its humble beginnings, Full Galaxy Inc. has steadily grown and expanded its services across the United States. The key to its success lies in offering quality productions on any platform at affordable prices, combining perspective, data, imagination, and technical expertise.

Services Offered Full Galaxy Inc. provides a wide variety of services that cover all the advertising and production needs of its clients. These services include:

  • Media Buying: Strategies for purchasing advertising space across different media to maximize exposure and effectiveness.
  • Professional Video Production: Creation of high-quality videos for various platforms and purposes.
  • TV Commercials: Production of television commercials that capture attention and effectively communicate the client’s message.
  • Infomercial Production: Development of infomercials that combine information and advertising to promote products and services.
  • Rental Studios: Studio spaces available for various productions, equipped with cutting-edge technology.
  • Script Writing: Creation of professional scripts that ensure a clear and engaging narrative.
  • Editing: Editing services that guarantee a polished and professional final product.
  • Social Media Videos and Content: Production of content optimized for social media platforms, designed to attract and retain user attention.
  • Website and App Construction: Development and design of customized websites and mobile applications.
  • Special Events: Organization and coverage of special events, ensuring every detail is captured and presented impressively.
  • Documentaries: Production of documentaries that tell compelling and revealing stories.

Future Vision Full Galaxy Inc. remains committed to its mission of helping small businesses grow through high-quality advertising and production services. With a solid foundation built on years of experience and a focus on innovation and adaptation to new technologies, Full Galaxy is poised for continued expansion and success in the future. The company stays true to Rene Alvarez's original vision, combining accessibility with excellence in every project they undertake.